Botticelli Inferno

The fascinating cinema documentary gives an exciting new insight into the genius' dark side.

The renaissance master Boticelli fascinates and mezmerizes the people to this day. His famous works draw hundreds of thousands of fans to exhibitions. One of his masterpieces, maybe even the most important of all, had been lost for centuries. The artwork that inspired renowned author Dan Brown to his world bestseller: the ‚Mappa del Inferno‘- the map of hell.

The film transports the audience to a different world: Hell, as described by the Italian king of poetry Dante Alighieri and illustrated by Botticelli. The masters‘ concept: We are all going to hell!

The film takes us along for a journey through the underworld with exciting and fascinating glimpses of Botticelli’s art and its hitherto unknown history.

High-end images in 4k resolution, shot on-location.

Director and writer Ralph Loop created a film that uncovers these mysteries on its elaborate journey through original localtions – and at the same time introduces us to the man Boticelli and his work. The documentary was shot in the summer of 2016 – in the Vatican in Rome, in Florence, London, Berlin and Scotland, and used a high performance scanner to screen the original ‚Mappa del Inferno‘. This procedure allowed the filmmakers to uncover details that remain invisible to the naked eye.

All material was shot with high performance cameras in 4k format, which also contributes to the many new angles and insights into Botticelli’s work the documentary has to offer. The German and Italian co-production ‚Botticelli Inferno‘ by TV Plus, Medea Film Irene Höfer and Nexo Digital hit the screens on November 3rd, 2016, distributed by Schülke Cinema Consults.

The production was funded by nordmedia film and media society Lower Saxony/Bremen and marked the beginning of the series ‚Cinema4Arts‘. Under this banner, the producers are planning to bring further high-class art documentaries to the big screen.

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