Emma’s Chatroom

a gURLs wURLd - international co-production

In the spring of 2009, TV Plus and Australian production company ‚Southern Star‘ co-produced 26 episodes of ‚Emma’s Chatroom‘. Germany broadcast the 30 minute episodes on KiKa/ARD, supervided by NDR.  The show was filmed on location in Sydney, Singapore, Hamburg and Lüneburg and has been sold in over 70 countries under the title ‚a gURLs wURLd‘.

Plot summary:
The international school in Singapore brings together Alley from Australia, Emma from Hamburg and Jackie, who is a Singapore local. The young girls remain inseperable throughout their two years of school. But all things come to an end, and so Emma and Ally return to their respective home countries. In order to keep in touch across this vast distance, each of the girls is given a mobile phone – and not just any phone. Thanks to a magical software, the girls are able to pay each other visits in a matter of seconds. The girls share countless adventures, and have to work together to help their friendship survive the many obstacles they encounter.

TV Plus was the responsible producer and partner for Germany.