In Your Dreams – Season 1

German-Australian co-production

The TV series ‚In Your Dreams‘ was directed by Ralph Strasser (‚Emma’s Chatroom) and filmed between June and September of 2012 at Marienburg Castle (Hannover), Melsungen (Hesse) and Hamburg. Roughly 70% of the show were produced in Germany, the remaining content in Sydney, Australia.

Plot summary:
The parents of twins Sam (Tessa de Josselin) and Ben (David Delmenico) send their kids to visit some distant relatives who live in a castle in Lower Saxony.

These relatives, the von Hasenburgs, are struggling to keep their business, consisting of the castle’s café and guided tours, afloat, but even upon arrival it is obvious to the twins, that their temporary new home is literally falling apart. The money for the much needed rennovation has long since been used up.

Philip von Hasenburg (Jörn Knebel) shares the castle with his daughter Lili (Soma Pysall) and an intern called Markus (Lars Kokemüller). He and his wife Tina (Yasmina Djaballah) have mutually agreed that it would be best if she lived in the city instead.

The teenagers now face the task of bringing new life to the castle while warding off their meddlesome uncle Hermann (Hans-Werner Meyer) and generally keeping their multicultural house share from imploding.

‚In Your Dreams‘ is a German and Australian co-production between Endemol Worldwide Distribution Lrd., Seven Network Australia, NDR as the leading German partner, as well as HR and WDR.
Executive producers: TV Plus (Germany), Noel Price (Southern Star) Cinematography: Henry Pierce
Editorial: Sandra Le Blanc-Marissal (NDR)
Written by: John Armstrong, Kym Goldsworthy, Tim Gooding, Josh Mapleton, Julie Miller and Noel Price