In Your Dreams – Season 2

The sequel of the internationally successful series for young adults.

With ‚In Your Dreams 2‘, the third German-Australian co-production hit the TV screens in September 2015. The international success ‚In Your Dreams – The summer of your life‘, which completed filming in 2012, now returns to Sydney (Feb- Apr), Hamburg and Lower Saxony (Apr-Jun) as well as Melsungen (Jul-Aug), for its sequel. The well known castle from season one is again the center of life, adventure, comedy and teenage drama. With one big difference: This time our four protagonists Sam, Ben, Lili and Markus are left to their own devices and have to defend their home without any adult help, against the pending ruin and envious threats looming over the castle.

While accusations of tax fraud and money laundering get Baron Philipp sentenced to manual labor in an Australian bush camp, his daughter Lili, Baron Ben, his sister Sam and intern Markus are in charge of the castle. A whole summer and no parents – naturally such a density of teenage emotions draws their attention to things like love, spare time and the general horror of growing up rather than the maintanance of the castle itself. This of course, at least for a while makes it easy for the much hated uncle Hermann (Hans-Werner Meyer) and his family to dig their claws into the desired property.

In the end he is revealed to be the reason behind Baron Philipp’s wrongful sentence, and while Lilli falls head over heels for the son of a farmer, and junior Baron Ben is stumbling from one embarrassment into th next, Sam and her bandmembers Lucy and Jack sing their way into the portfolio of a German music producer, and in Sam’s case back into Markus‘ heart.

‚In Your Dreams – The summer of your life‘ is a German-Australlian co-production by Seven Network Australia, NDR as the lead German partner, as well as HR, WDR and Endemol Worldwide Distribution Ltd., with TV Plus as the German executive producer. The first season sucessfully premiered on KiKa in October 2013, with a 14% market share within its target audience.