The Forecaster

The documantary 'The Forecaster' tells the story of stockmarket whizz kid Martin Armstrong.

In the beginning of the 80s he developed a computer model which helped him predict major changes in the world’s economy with shocking accuracy: The Russian crisis in 1998/99, the dotcom-bubble of 2000, the financial crisis of 2007, the Euro crisis of 2009. So is this man a genius or a fraud? Does he really know more than all the economists and financial scientists combined? Everone wants his code, which, he claims, will allow him to predict the turning points of world economics and and wars.
In September of 1999 the FBI took charge of his office. Martin Armstrong was charged with fraud and spent twelve years behind bars – without as much as a trial. Was this a plan to silence an uncomfortably knowledgable man? The documentary ‚The Forecaster‘ tells his story and the story of his iraculous forecasts, which plunged him into a fascinating an complex network of politics and economics. TV Plus was co-producer of the elaborate documentary which premiered in cinemas on May 7th 2015.

THE FORECASTER crossmedia platform
the crossmedia platform ‚The Forecaster – Interactive‘ puts the film’s diversity and actuality at the center of its narrative. An interactive timeline shows Armstrong’s predictions and significant points of his life in relation to financial politics and word events. It allows the audience to independently extend their research into any questions the film may present. The patform is tied to Armstrong’s forecasts and thereby reaches far into the history of world finance. It does however also, as is the nature of forecasts, give as a glimpse of the near future. And maybe there the viewer can find an answer to the most important question of all – Do the predictions come true?

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